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Great selling ideas from the Idea Group Files.
puzzleSample Product
Product: Snafooz Foam Puzzle Cube

Client: Health Care Provider
Objective: Educate About Benefit Options & Build Client Loyalty
Target Audience: Employees of Group Clients
When & Where Used: Semi-Annual Open Enrollment Visits

This national insurance company hands out puzzle cubes to employees during these meetings, which take place once or twice every year for most employers. Imprinted on each of the six pieces are different insurance plans the employees can choose from, along with the message "Your Family’s Health Care Solutions." This helps to reinforce the different options during the meetings. The company uses a variety of colors and skill levels, which adds challenge and fun to the learning process, while building awareness and loyalty among the employees and decision makers.

Related Ideas: 401-K & Financial Providers, Employee Benefit Programs, Safety Incentives, Company Picnics & Events, Mergers & Acquisitions.

puzzleSample Product
Product: Snafooz Foam Puzzle Cube

Client: Advertising & Communications Firm
Objective: Develop Web Traffic & Sales Leads
Target Audience: Communications Trade Show Attendees
When & Where Used: Handouts at the Show

This communications firm was interested in building traffic on their new website. The six pieces of the puzzle were imprinted with products and services the firm promotes. On the top frame was printed the message "For Marketing & Communications Solutions, Call XXX Communications" and on the bottom frame "For Puzzle Solutions, go to" The company posts a .PDF file of solutions on their website, supplied free by Idea Group. The number of web hits and puzzle solution downloads are tracked on counters, and respondents are contacted by Account Executives for follow-up.

Related Ideas: Internet, Websites, Trade Shows, Direct-Mail, Technology,
Ad Agencies.

puzzleSample Product
Product: Snafooz Foam Puzzle Cube

Client: Navigation Equipment Manufacturer
Objective: Develop Booth Traffic
Target Audience: Potential Buyers of GPS Devices
When & Where Used: Pre-Show Mailing & Trade Show

This GPS manufacturer attends trade shows in the boating, aviation and sporting goods markets throughout the year. Prior to each show, they mail registered attendees a flat puzzle with one piece removed, imprinted on the top frame with the message "For the Missing Piece to your GPS Puzzle, visit us at Booth ____." The missing pieces are passed out at the booth. Each of the six parts of the puzzle promotes features and benefits of several GPS models. The promotion is so successful it has been used repeatedly for several years.

Related Ideas: Trade Shows, Conventions, Pre-Show, Mailings, OEM Market, Event Planners.

puzzleSample Product
Product: Multi-Color Foam Keytag

Client: Museum
Objective: Retail Item
Target Audience: Children & Adult Visitors
When & Where Used: Museum Gift Shop

The ship "Lighthouse" was, in the early 1900s, a floating Lighthouse Ship in Chesapeake Bay. Now landlocked as a museum, it is open for daily tours and is part of the "Ghost Walk Tour" of Old Portsmouth. Our multi-color foam keytag, which features three layers of foam in different colors, was a "natural" to underscore the museum’s red, white & blue colors. Additionally the low-cost custom die made for a distinctive look without the customary expense.

Related Ideas: Custom Shapes, Floatable Keytags, Boating, Retail, Hotels, Souvenirs.

puzzleSample Product
Product: Flip-Flop Fun Kits

Client: Cruise Ship Line
Objective: Promote Health, Develop Customer Loyalty, & Retail Sales
Target Audience: Primarily Adult
When & Where Used: Onboard Cruises

The Flip-Flop Fun Kit, in the shape of a heart, is given to each passenger participating in a daily jogging session on the deck. It is also used as a Bingo prize, and sold in the Ship’s gift shop. Every kit includes two matching floatable keytags.

Related Ideas: Airlines, Travel Incentives, Hotels.

puzzleSample Product
Product: Flip-Flop Fun Kits

Client: X-Ray & MRI Provider
Objective: Develop Patient Loyalty
Target Audience: Primarily Adult
When & Where Used: During Appointment for MRI Exam

When doctors refer patients to this MRI company for an exam, the patient receives a gift of these high-quality foam sandals imprinted with the company’s logo. The sandals replaced t-shirts as the preferred gift, and the gift is so well received that the company decided to continue it indefinitely.

Related Ideas: Custom Shapes, Travel Industry, Medical Industry, Boating, Retail, Hotels, Souvenirs.

puzzleSample Product
Product: Bottle-It!

Client: FM Radio Station
Objective: Promote the Trade Name and Number
Target Audience: 15-45 year-old Rock Music Listeners
When & Where Used: Outdoor Events

This local FM Rock station hands out the Bottle-It! at all their outdoor promotions, imprinted with the station’s trademark and FM call sign. The station’s marketing manager believes that one of the best features is that the people really like the product, and it is used over and over again by the recipient, exposing the station to new potential listeners.

Related Ideas: Media Events, Sporting Events, Beverage Industry.

puzzleSample Product
Product: Bottle-It!

Client: High School
Objective: Fundraiser
Target Audience: Students & Adults
When & Where Used: Various Fundraisers

A local High School sells the Bottle-It! imprinted with their football team’s logo, at the games, and at fundraising activities such as car washes. It is a natural add-on to sales of soft drinks, and the funds go to help with extra-curricular activities.

Related Ideas: Schools, Fundraising, Outdoor Events.

puzzleSample Product
Product: Bottle-It!

Client: Motorcycle Manufacturer
Objective: Promote New Clothing & Accessory Lines, & Website
Target Audience: 30-60 year-old Motorcycle Enthusiasts, Primarily Male
When & Where Used: Outdoor Motorcycle Events

This maker of classic American motorcycles gives the Bottle-It! to attendees at bike events throughout the year to promote its branded clothing and accessory lines. Additionally, the imprint promotes the company’s website and online ordering. The Bottle-It! features high visibility during the events as people walk around carrying and using the product.

Related Ideas: Outdoor Events, Picnics, Trade Shows, Entertainment, Sports Events, Concerts.

puzzleSample Product

Product: Mr. Busby Bookmark

Client: Nationally Branded Toothpaste Co.
Objective: Educate and Build Brand Awareness
Target Audience: 6-12 year-olds
When & Where Used: Year-Round "Dentist on Wheels" Program

This manufacturer uses the Bunny Rabbit Bookmark as a hand-out during its trips to inner-city communities. Part of the company’s commitment to "give back" to the community, these visits offer a chance for less-than-privileged kids to get on-site checkups and learn about dental care. The 3-D foam Bunny enhances the brand’s own bunny character, which is printed digitally in full color with their logo and the message "Bright Smiles, Bright Futures."

Related Ideas: Dental & Doctors’ Offices, Libraries & Bookmobiles, Schools, Toy & Educational Products & Services.

puzzleSample Product

Product: Magic-Cell Auto Dash Pad

Client: Truck Parts & Supplies Distributor
Objective: Build Customer Loyalty & Promote the Company’s Toll-Free Number
Target Audience: Truck & Fleet Operators
When & Where Used: Quarterly Catalog Mailing

This distributor included a Dash Pad, imprinted with the company’s logo and toll-free number, as part of their quarterly catalog mailing to 50,000 previous customers and potentials. Contributing to its selection was its size and weight, its cost-effective price, and the fact that it would be placed on the dashboards of vehicles where the toll-free number could be promoted. New sales proved it to be a resounding success.

Related Ideas: Automotive Parts, Tire & Wheel Mfrs, Freight Companies, Fleet Operators, Suppliers & Insurers.

puzzleSample Product
Product: Magic-Cell Auto Dash Pad

Client: Long-Distance Phone Company
Objective: Promote New Cell Service
Target Audience: Potential Cell Phone Buyers
When & Where Used: Mall Kiosks All Year Long

A national long distance company gives the Magic-Cell Auto Dash Pad to buyers of new cell phones at its mall kiosks. The Dash Pads are imprinted with the company’s trademark and toll-free number, along with a service mark for a new cell service program. The company also displays the new phones on the Dash Pads at their kiosks.

Related Ideas: Cell-Phone Industry, Auto Sound Installers, Retailers.
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